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Political Drama to Unfold at GOP Debate Tonight

Every four years we hold Presidential elections, and every four years, I am subject to so much pandering, yellow journalism, and outright lying in the name of a campaign that I am convinced it is taking years off of my … Continue reading

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Thursday Thoughts

I’m spending my morning scanning the headlines and my news outlets for a topic for a full-on post. As the morning hours on, I’m hopeful that will happen. In the meantime, if you are looking for news and posts of … Continue reading

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Elimination of Terror Leader Brings With It a Serious Question

The recent death of terror leader Anwar al-Awlaki marked a great victory in American efforts to dismantle foreign Islamic terror organizations aimed at killing more Americans and our allies. Al-Awlaki’s death in a drone strike is yet another blow deadly … Continue reading

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The Return….

Professional changes in the life of your humble authors life (as well as a news cycle that I found to simply be more of the same) led to the hiatus from The American Front here in 2011. However, with a … Continue reading

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Posts TBA

The result of the Super Bowl, a rough weekend, and a complete lack of inspiration or issues I am interested in has resulted in a delay in posting.  I didn’t want the blog to fall completely inactive, so I’m putting … Continue reading

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Sometimes A Personal Loss Is A Loss For Everyone

This particular post is a personal one for me.  A very good friend of mine suffered a relatively unexpected heart attack and passed away yesterday.  You may think that his passing means nothing to you, but I believe you are … Continue reading

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Obligatory Thoughts On the State of the Union

Since the State of the Union address is probably the highest profile political theatre we have in this country, we are more or less obligated to at least acknowledge that it happened.  Count this as my acknowledgement. Truth be told, … Continue reading

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