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That Didn’t Take Long; Government to Put Americans on ‘Kill List’

I did a post tuesday on my discomfort and alarm at the Obama administration setting the precedent of killing an American citizen, terrorist Anwar al-Alawki, without any attempt at due process. Today we get this story. As expected, it’s all … Continue reading

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Elimination of Terror Leader Brings With It a Serious Question

The recent death of terror leader Anwar al-Awlaki marked a great victory in American efforts to dismantle foreign Islamic terror organizations aimed at killing more Americans and our allies. Al-Awlaki’s death in a drone strike is yet another blow deadly … Continue reading

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Never Say It Can’t Be Worse

Senseless bloodshed appears to be the issue of the week. This is an awful story. Men armed with rifles and machetes killed 19 people in attacks on three villages in volatile central Nigeria, authorities said Tuesday. As in Arizona, the attacker(s) … Continue reading

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Apparent Jihadist Issues Christmas Threat

Blah, blah, stop the killings in Muslim countries or we will do all kinds of horrible things to you, blah, blah. Is the MSM really that hurt up for news that they still report on these jokers? Apparently so, although … Continue reading

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Political Process Slowly Killing Afghan Campaign

Like many, I was shocked during the Obama/Clinton/Gates joint presser on what amazing progress is being made in Afghanistan.  Obama stood there are said nearly the exact opposite of what his theater commanders had said when they submitted their report. … Continue reading

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An Older Photo, But Still Powerful

I was browsing through some pictures on my computer, and came across the following photo from 2005, in Mosul, Iraq. A former soldier-turned-journalist, Michael Yon, was embedded with the 1-24th Infantry, aka “Deuce Four,” when he snapped this picture: The … Continue reading

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Head Of TSA Hopes Guilt Will Prevent Travelers From Boycotting Airport Full-Body Scans

During an interview with ABC News today, John Pistole, head of the Transportation Security Administration, urged travelers not to boycott airport full-body scans as they travel the day before Thanksgiving. Besides the usual reminder of the failed 2009 Christmas Day … Continue reading

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