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The result of the Super Bowl, a rough weekend, and a complete lack of inspiration or issues I am interested in has resulted in a delay in posting.  I didn’t want the blog to fall completely inactive, so I’m putting … Continue reading

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Sometimes A Personal Loss Is A Loss For Everyone

This particular post is a personal one for me.  A very good friend of mine suffered a relatively unexpected heart attack and passed away yesterday.  You may think that his passing means nothing to you, but I believe you are … Continue reading

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Boom Goes the Dynamite

For the first week of the turmoil in Egypt (and the greater Middle East), I was, for some reason, cautiously optimistic that the valid grievances of the Egyptian people would be resolved in a manner that would benefit the Egyptian … Continue reading

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America’s Last WWI Vet Turns 110

All of the Doughboys are not yet gone.  In fact, Frank Buckles is celebrating another birthday: Frank Buckles, the Missouri native who is America’s last doughboy, turns 110 years old today. Buckles is doing well at his home in West … Continue reading

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A Big Day in Egypt

Just a quick post on the subject, so you won’t find any links here.  I will attempt to add some later in the day. Egyptian protesters are attempting to organize a huge rally today.  I suspect there will be developments … Continue reading

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