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R. Lee Ermey Loves the Marine Corps, Doesn’t Love The Obama Administration

I guarantee that if the next Presidential administration is Conservative (or at least not socialist), and they select Mr. Ermey as the Secretary of Defense, we will have no more problems from our current enemies…because they’ll be too busy soiling … Continue reading

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Lazy Days Equal Light Blogging

The holiday season has more or less slowed the country down, if not put if on vacation entirely in some cases.  We hope everyone has enjoyed time with their families. Inspiration and material for posts has all but vanished for … Continue reading

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You Know Mexico; Law and Order Every Time

Can it really get much worse than this? From our always safe and thriving border with Mexico: More than 40 prison guards have been charged with helping 153 inmates escape from a prison in a northern Mexican border city. The … Continue reading

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China Deploys New Anti-Ship Ballistic Missile

Many of us have been concerned with China’s military buildup for quite a while, and this story doesn’t help matters. The DF-21D ASBM China has recently begun deploying is a threat to every kind of vessel in the region, including United … Continue reading

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Apparent Jihadist Issues Christmas Threat

Blah, blah, stop the killings in Muslim countries or we will do all kinds of horrible things to you, blah, blah. Is the MSM really that hurt up for news that they still report on these jokers? Apparently so, although … Continue reading

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Arizona Sheriff Authorizes Use Of Deadly Force Against Drug Cartels, Bandits

Finally, someone is prepared to make the Mexican drug cartel members trespassing on United States territory regret their decisions. Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu gave notice that his department is going after the threats and will, when necessary, use deadly force to … Continue reading

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Cities Facing Doom and Gloom in 2011

This is so obvious, so blatant, so utterly simple, that it spares me from typing almost any additional information. Check out this story: 2011 will be the year of the municipal default. At least that’s what analysts like Meredith Whitney … Continue reading

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