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Senate Defeats Proposal To Ban Earmarks, And Making An Example Of Healthcare Reform

Today, in a 39-56 vote, the Senate said, “no way” to ending earmarks. All but seven Democrats voted against the proposal (surprising that seven went for it), and all but eight Republicans voted in favor (infuriating that eight went against it). … Continue reading

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Democrat House Leader Says Freeze Military Pay to Fix Deficit

Does anyone on Capitol Hill even attempt to get facts before they start rambling on? The House Majority leader, Steny Hoyer (D-Maryland), says that in the interest of fairness, it would help if the proposed Obama government pay freezes would apply to … Continue reading

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Random Tidbits on a Monday

Still thinking of an idea for a full-on real post, but in the meantime, I’ll jump around with a few thoughts on a couple of news stories. First, there’s the newest batch of criminally released classified documents from the idiots with … Continue reading

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Former Marine From Kentucky Nominated For Medal of Honor

I read this story two weeks ago, and recently found out more about it; my initial reaction was awe, and as I read more, I felt nothing but respect for Dakota Meyer. Rather than copy and paste this entire article … Continue reading

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Well That’s A Relief…Missing FedEx Radioactive Material Found

One of three packages containing radioactive material shipped by FedEx from Fargo, North Dakota to Knoxville, Tennessee earlier this week went missing, but was found yesterday…at the FedEx station in Knoxville. From the article: “It was one of three boxes … Continue reading

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Yay for Long Weekends

Just a quick post to note that I am one of the many swept up in the long holiday weekend festivities, and this explains why posting has been light the last couple of days.  In the meantime, we encourage you … Continue reading

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Happy Thanksgiving!

As you travel to be with family and friends tomorrow, or conversely, prepare for the impending avalanche to descend upon you, El Scotto and myself want to thank you for taking a few moments out of your precious day to … Continue reading

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