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Democrats Love Taxes for You, For Themselves, Not So Much

There is a post at Blogs for Victory on a report done by Pajamas Media. Here’s a small excerpt: The Democratic National Committee and the party’s private club in the nation’s capitol have been delinquent with tax payments on sixteen … Continue reading

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State Department Spokesman Tweets B-Day Message To Iranian President

I wonder if this message and this follow-up are what Obama meant when he said he wanted to engage in dialogue with Iran. U.S. State Deparment spokesman Philip J. Crowley took it upon himself to reach out to Iranian President … Continue reading

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Anniversary of the Crash of ’29

Today is the anniversary of what was “Black Tuesday”, the great stock market crash of 1929.  The date makes the beginning of the Great Depression, and perhaps in the economic mess we are dealing with in modern times, it may … Continue reading

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Obama Makes Mockery Of Office With Comedy Show Appearance

The President of the United States, Barack Obama, made an appearance yesterday on “The Daily Show,” hosted by Jon Stewart on Comedy Central.  He is the first American President to do so, and with the appearance, cheapened the office.  The … Continue reading

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Random Thursday Message

Not a whole lot going on around the news today that you can’t pick up on almost every news channel.  Other blogs have some things going on, so I suggest you click on our still somewhat limited blogroll.  You can’t … Continue reading

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Welcome to American Election Season, Banana Republic Style

I remember in 2004 noticing, for the first time, widespread voter “irregularities”.  I love that term; irregularities.  It’s fraud.  Election rigging.  I guess “voter irregularities” makes Americans feel that we are better than some third world, totalitarian dump.  More alarming is that  it … Continue reading

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The Illogical Logic of Criminal Defenders

People who work as criminal defenders fascinate me. Their thought processes are what I would consider deviant, not in the social sense, but in the logical sense. How else could one explain the conclusions they reach? For your intellectual stimulation, … Continue reading

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